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SANTORINI News for Akrotiri

National Archaeological Museum...
16 June 2005

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens put back on display a priceless collection of Minoan frescoes (photo), as well as other artifacts, from the island of Santorini yesterday. The public had not been able to view the antiquities since 1999 when the 19th century building was badly damaged in an earthquake. The museum’s restoration program cost some 15 million euros. The ‘Lady of Kalymnos,’ a Hellenistic-era bronze statue, was also put on display.


Nikos Papantoniou Lecture
August 27 2005

The Society for the promotion of studies on Prehistoric Thera invites all intrested to the lecture of our Treasurer Civil Engineer Nikos Papantoniou about the protection of the monuments at the Archaeological site of Akrotiri.

Bellonio Cultural Center
Saturday August 27 2005, 20:00

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February 17, 2006

A new IMAX film named Greece: Secrets of the Past attempts to center itself on the work of archaeologist Christos Dumas and volcanologist George Vougioukalakis. We get to see students brush off artifacts, the scientists questioning each other (described as a demonstration of the Socratic method) and some computer-generated simulations of lava destruction. The film does shine when it employs aerial shots of Greece using a helicopter-mounted camera with a gyroscopic stabilizing device. More information on Greece film

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16th Paleopathology Association European Meeting
August 27, 2006

Santorini has the honor of hosting the 16th European Meeting of the Paleopathology Association to be held on the island of Santorini at the Nomikos Conference Center from August 28th to September 1st, 2006.

The Meeting will take place at the Petros Nomikos Conference Center in Fira uniquely situated in a spectacular setting overlooking the volcano. The Nomikos Center is a Neoclassical building which has been converted into a modern conference center while preserving its traditional character. The Nomikos Center hosts a permanent exhibition of frescoes (replicas) from ancient Akrotiri.

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Discovering the First Traces of the Olive
September 14, 2006

The olive appeared wild in the Mediterrean basin many thousands of years ago. The cultivation of the olive spread along with the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean. Written sources indicate that the olive tree became known first among the peoples of the eastern Mediterranean, in Syria and Asia Minor and that the Greeks and the Phoenicians brought it to the west.

Many finds indicate how widespread the tree was. In several areas of Greece, such as Santorini, Nisyrus and Cyme in Euboea, excavations have turned up fossilized remains of olive (olea europaea) leaves dated by the most recent techniques available to about 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, thus making Greece one of the earliest places in which the olive was cultivated. With the help of palaeobotany, radiocarbon dating and other methods of dating olive pollen, a considerable number of areas in which the olive grew have been located around the Mediterranean. Pollen spores have been found in various areas of Greece, such as Epirus, dating to 6000 B.C., eastern mainland Greece, dating to 3255 B.C. and Thessaly, dating to 3200 B.C.

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Leonidas Kavakos - Enrico Pace
12 September 2010

Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center will host the International Music Festival of Santorini for this year once again. Its 32nd year of presence will include 6 concerts.

On Sunday September 12th at 21:00 a concert by Leonidas Kavakos (violin) and Enrico Pace (piano) will be held.

Musicians are going to interpret works by Schumann, Szymanowski and Beethoven.

Entrance: 25.00 euros

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The Secret Of Santorini
2 October 2010

Having heard about the beauty of Santorini for many years, I thought it was time I paid a visit to this volcanic island to see if it lived up to its incredible reputation of romance and bewilderment.

On arrival I was welcomed by the customary heat that can be expected in August in Greece, and by the time I arrived at my hotel I was positively over-heating and ashamedly missing the cooler temperatures of London. Aiming to appear completely unaffected by the impact of the shift in body temperature, I walked up the steps to the hotel and prepared myself for the expected arduous check in procedure.

From the moment I walked in to Avant Garde Suites I fell in love with it. I was instantly offered a refreshing fruit cocktail and was taken directly to my room where I was told I could relax and unwind, and finish checking in once I was settled. I would have thanked the host more articulately if I had not been so stunned by the beauty of my surroundings. I knew I had found the real secret of Santorini.

Avant Garde Suites boasts of being the one and only design hotel in Santorini and although this may detract the older generations, certainly lives up to its billings. Although it is part of a larger hotel group that has seven different hotels of varying style and standard across the island, the new Avant Garde Suites is definitely the most ambitious and unique. Personally, I love celebrating difference and whilst the public areas of the hotel do indeed boast incredibly modern and contemporary furnishings and fittings, the rooms themselves are spacious, comfortable and not trying to be so fashionable that they are un-homely. With several of the rooms, or suites to be exact, offering a huge private terrace with hot tub and double sun bed overlooking the ocean below, there is not much to quibble about.

The hotel is located on a more remote part of the island and although the full view of the famous sunset is partially blocked by the hotel itself, it stands alone and proud on the tip of the island over looked by no one, where you can literally hear a pin drop (or should I say jaw drop) as the view on to the Caldera is a once in a lifetime must see sight.

The island is an inverted C curled around the waters of the caldera, the vast crater left by the Thera volcanic eruption of roughly 1500 BCE. Its popularity is well deserved and it offers visitors one of the most distinctive images of Greece: that of the white washed buildings and their blue domed roofs built thickly in to the rocks to defend against earthquakes.

I came across all types of people from families, young couples, newlyweds and small groups of young tourists. The younger, more daring travellers seemed to be having great fun discovering the island by go kart - a great way to view the beautiful beaches including Perissa, Kamari, Perivolos, Vlihada and Red beach. For those who want to get a close up view of the volcano there are daily cruises, where tourists are allowed to climb the black walls of the volcano. The island has two other volcanoes, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni. Palea Kameni is the oldest volcano on the island and is known for its stunning hot springs. These springs are perfect for relaxing in and the water is said to have healing properties.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, Fira is the best place to go for things to do, where nightmarkets line the streets and restaurants offer some of the best food in Greece. One of the highlights of the night is bound to be enjoying souvlaki in a traditional taverna, where Greek waiters show off their dance moves and refill your glasses with grappa.

The island is known for its spectacular sunsets, which feature on many tourist postcards of the island and are without doubt amongst the island most spectacular charms. I visited some of the hotels in the areas that offered the best views of the sunset (areas include at Fira, Oia, Imerovigli) and although I was blown away by the view, it was clear that hotel designers had flocked to these areas as hotels were located almost on top of one another. Not only did the view include the sunset but at least 30 other private tearraces filled with other couples also taking in their surroundings . I retreated back to the Avante Garde Suites even more thankful to be away from the more popular part of the island where I could relax on my truly private terrace overlooked only by the night stars. Avante Garde Suites in Akritori is the ideal place to stay to take in the beauty and energy of the island especially when looking for a slightly less discovered, more unique experience.

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Lady GaGa on vacation in Santorini
11 October 2010

Check out this video of Lady Gaga enjoying her well-earned holiday in Santorini, Greece.

As reported earlier this week, Lady Gaga is touring the Greek islands, and she was most recently spotted in Santorini dressed as a Greek goddess. Greek television channel, Star, spoke with Lady Gaga in Santorini, as she was leaving for Mykonos, where she spoke to the reporter with the few Greek words she has learned.

Gagaloo dressed like a Greek Goddess, left Santorini this morning and flew to Mykonos where she continues her vacation :) In this video you can hear Gaga saying "yes, thanks , good" in Greek ;)

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4th Santorini ride
Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Successful was the fourth National Ride held in Santorini today Sunday, May 8, 2011.

As in many cities in Greece, today was the Ride to claim a better life with fewer cars, more bike lanes and a decent quality of life in our cities, based on changing the way we move and travel.

The bike course in conjunction with public transport, may contribute to this.

Cyclists of Santorini gave their best starting from Kamari stadium, crossing the sandy beach of Kamari and arriving with a smile on the beach of Monolithos.

The youngest cyclists, the future of cycling in Santorini, returned under escort to Kamari and once again we give them our congratulations.

All the rest went ahead and passing from the airport and Messaria reached the Cathedral in Fira (photo), where they were applauded by visitors.

A big thanks to our friends like Gerasimos Danezis who traveled from Athens, especially for the Ride of the island.

Go Santorini riders, go!

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The Atlantis Hypothesis - 3rd International Conference, 25-26 June 2011, Santorini
Jun3 24, 2011

3rd International Conference, 25-26 June 2011, Santorini, Greece

Almost three years will elapse in June 2011 since the 2nd International Conference on the Atlantis. Hence, not only we have allowed enough time for people to recollect thoughts on the subject, but also we have strong indications that a possible revolution is in making. Therefore, your participation in the 3rd International Conference on the Atlantis Hypothesis, will be profitable in discussing new findings.

The ATLANTIS conference series aims to serve as a forum for the presentation and constructive discussion of all the subjects related to the hypothesis of the lost land of Atlantis as well as all the relevant theoretical issues.

The purpose of these conferences is to gather specialists of all the different disciplines involved in highlighting the scientific aspects of this greatly interesting subject, provide a greater understanding of key issues on the Atlantis Hypothesis and in the same time offer networking opportunities at an international level.

Greece is the most appropriate location for hosting this conference series, as the ancient Greek great mind Plato formulated the Atlantis hypothesis.

The ATLANTIS 2011 conference will enable all of us to share and celebrate, once again, our common passion for this fascinating theme.

The 3rd International Conference on the Atlantis Hypothesis is devoted to the personality of late Professor Antonis Kontaratos, Vice-President of the International Program Committee of the Conference, former Professor of the University of Patras in Greece and former NASA high ranking personnel in USA.

Professor A .Kontaratos has contributed with scientific papers in both conferences in Milos island and in Athens and advanced significantly the scientific analysis of the Atlantis enigma.

He has published many scientific and technical papers while he wrote 25 books of miscellaneous content and particular publications on Atlantis.

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Red Beach in the top 10 beaches beaches in the world
April 30, 2012

Red beach ranked as the 7th best beach in the world:

Santorini Red Beach is one of the most picturesque locations on the list. Surrounded by soaring red lava cliffs (hence the name), this beach also has some of the most beautiful and unique red sand in the world. The beach is only accessible by boat, or by a ten minute descent by foot from above. The entire island was formed from a now-sleeping volcano – sleeping but not dead. Santorini is said to be the true Atlantis, as much of the island literally slipped below the sea in the course of a night.

Top 10 best beaches in the world

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John Stamos's Guide to Santorini, Greece
April 8th, 2013

The actor, now starring on Broadway in Gore Vidal's The Best Man, heads to his father's native Greek island of Santorini when he wants a break from the big city. From moonlit dance parties to home-cooked meals, he shares his favorites from his trips to the homeland.

To get away from it all, I go to . . . Santorini, Greece. One day I would love to retire there, own a restaurant, play music, eat, and make babies. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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Imerovigli and Fira @ Trivago
June 26th, 2013

Travelers once again showed their preference for Santorini, as Imerovigli and Fira occupied the top two first places on the list of the 20 most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean region.

According to a research carried out by Trivago, the travel metasearch engine focusing on hotels, on the most popular Mediterranean destinations based on its users comments, Imerovigli on the island of Santorini, Greece, came first (with a popularity rate at 85%), while the traditional settlement of Fira, again on the Greek Aegean island of Santorini ranked second. Apparently, the natural beauty of the island persuaded for one more year the international travelers who gave it the first two places in their preferences. Capri in Italy ranked third followed by Chania, Crete, fourth. The top five is completed by Rethymno, Crete, while in the 17th place we have one more Greek destination that of Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

According to the list, Crete and Santorini come first in the mind of the travelers when they hear the word Mediterranean.

The 20 Most Popular Mediterranean destinations:

1. Imerovigli, Santorini 85

2. Fira, Santorini 82

3. Capri, Italy 81 (81,41)

4. Chania, Crete 81( 81, 32)

5. Rethymno, Crete 81 (81,27)

6. Lagos, Portugal 81

7. Syracuse, Sicily 81

8. Llanes, Spain 81

9. Monte Carlo, Monaco 81

10. Tavira, Portugal 80

11. Trapani, Italy 80

12. Alghero, Italy 80

13. Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy 80

14. Conil de la Frontera, Spain 80

15. Santa Eulalia, Spain 79

16. Marbella, Spain 79

17. Agios Nikolaos, Crete 79

18. Lignano Sabbiadoro, Crete 79

19. Saintes Maries de la Mer, France79

20. Alcudia, Majorca , Spain 79

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Perissa @ Tripadvisor top list
August 7th, 2013

It is 9 km Black Beach,starting from Perissa village and finish at Vlyhada. It is a beach that everybody can find what he likes. Nice and calm Greek tavernas,noise Beach Bars with young people enjoy the lound dancing music,Lounge Cafe-Bar offering relaxation and finally a lot of beach without anything fron the aboves.

More information on Perissa

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DannyKrivit@ CasablancaSoul Bar #Santorini
Sunday July 27th 2014

DannyKrivit@ CasablancaSoul Bar #Santorini Island, Greece, 28/7/2014

Growing up in Greenwich Village, New York City, in the 1960s, Danny was surrounded by music. His mother was an accomplished jazz singer and his father was the manager of legendary jazz trumpeter Chet Baker before going on to open up “The Ninth Circle”, a Village hot spot, where Danny worked as a boy. It was here that Danny met some of the most influential people in the music scene; Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Charlie Mingus, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, amongst others.

Starting his professional DJ carer in 1971 Danny is currently celebrating 43 YEARS as a NYC DJ & has enjoyed many highlights.

Dannys talents and reputation have grown immensely and continues to do so, with demand for his DJing & editing work reaching new heights & exploding worldwide from North & South America to Europe & Japan, with his Producer/Editor/Mixer credits included on well over 300 records.

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