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SANTORINI News for Fira

25th International Music Festival of Santorini
4 Sep 2003

The Petros M. Nomikos conference centre is a magnificent complex of buildings dominating the town of Fira and the caldera. It was inaugurated in September 1989. Externally the main hall is an exact copy of the preexisting neoclassical mansion of Santorini which is dated from the turn fo the 20th century.
The conference centre belongs to Mr. Petros M. Nomikos, who generously allows the Festival to use the hall for its concert programmes.


String Quartets by SCHUBERT - BORODIN C. FRANCK Piano Quintet

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May 12-15, 2005


ORGANIZERS: AR Kriegstein and JG Parnavelas

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Santorini sustainable development
August 15 2005

Professor Michael Romanos leading a University of Cincinanati Sustainable Development Group presents the study Plan for the Future of Santorini. A Model for Environmental Tourism in Santorini.

Tourism of the future is based on economics – where it’s cheap to go – leavened by quality of service, explained Romanos, professor of planning in UC’s top-ranked College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. The tourism cycle in the Greek islands, which began in the 1960s and 1970s, is now winding down. No longer do you have the economic profit you once did even though you still have large numbers of tourists.

In Santorini for instance, cruise ships come each day, depositing an astonishing three million visitors annually. However, while their sheer weight of numbers fouls everything from traffic to beaches, the economic payoff is anything but fair. Too many visitors come for the day and then return to their ships, injecting too little into the economy for the price the islanders’ pay in daily stress and cultural and environmental degradation, stated Romanos.

During summer 2005, the UC team and individual members from other schools will focus on the following scenarios:

  • Wine rather than whine
    There are grapes, native to the island, that go back 3,000 years, but they are only known locally. One local wine, Vinsanto, is naturally sweet without any coloring or sugar added. This and other boutique wines could be developed for export and to attract a different tourist type.
  • In with the old
    Promote year-round elder villages via discounts to those over age 65. A major health facility already located in Santorini could not only serve an elderly population on that island but on the 20 or so islands within a half-hour copter ride.
  • Park it here
    The entire island would be designated a Cultural Heritage Park with tourism focusing deliberately on architecture, history, archaeology and agriculture, rather than the waning sun-and-sand recipe popular for so long.

    Participants in this summer’s Santorini project include 10 UC students as well as one student from Turkey. Faculty team members are:
  • Carla Chifos, assistant professor of planning at UC
  • David Edelman, director of UC’s School of Planning
  • Asseem Inam, assistant professor of urban design at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Michael Leaf, associate professor at the University of British Columbia
  • David Prosperi, professor of planning at Florida Atlantic University
  • Michael Romanos, professor of planning at UC
  • Frank Wray, associate professor of biology at UC

    Past accomplishments by previous UC teams in Greece include the following work on Crete:
  • UC students literally blazed a hiking trail between traditional interior villages.
  • A traditional goat herding village was helped to stave population drain by taking advantage of dramatically rising meat consumption in Greece.
  • In another village, a public square containing two 19th-century schools and a 14th-century Byzantine chapel is being renovated for use by visiting artists and for public events.
  • A completely new circulation and transportation system is being implemented in the capital town of Hersonissos.
  • A new sewer and water system is being built for two major villages in Crete’s interior.

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  • AREADNE 2006 Research in Encoding And Decoding of Neural Ensembles
    June 22-25, 2006

    The conference will take place on the Greek island of Santorini from Thursday, June 22 to Sunday, June 25, 2006. The formal portion of the conference will occur at the Nomikos Conference Center in the town of Firostefani. Morning 45-minute talks with a half-hour coffee break will be followed by a provided lunch. After the long afternoon break, we will reconvene for coffee, early evening talks and poster presentations before a late dinner. Although attendees are welcome from around the world, speakers have been selected primarily from the United States and Europe. Attendees are highly encouraged to submit proposals for poster presentations.

    More on AREADNE 2006

    Author : Travel to Santorini

    Julian Marley live in Santorini
    August 10, 2010

    Julian Marley live in concert, Santorini 2010

    A Julian JuJu Marley, Bob Marley s son, concert is organized by the Public Benefit Institution of Thira Municipality, on August 10th 2010 at 21:00 in Panthiraikos football ground, in Fira. Opening act will be held by ANNA MYSTIC + MC YINKA (PSI) FRONTAL ATTACK, Ska Bangies, Mister Mazz and Louie Ranksand the entrance fee is 20.00 euros.

    O Julian Ricardo Marley was born on June 4, 1975 in London. For most of his childhood was spent between England and Jamaica. It makes sense, grew up in music. From a young age came into contact with many musical instruments like drums - bass - guitar - keyboard and more. Along with his brothers Ziggy and Stephen set up to 1989 the production company Ghetto Youth International.

    In 1996 he released his first solo album, titled Lion in the Morning and undertook a world tour and managed to become so widely known. In 1999 he participated with his brothers in the production of Chant Down Babylon a remix album by various hip-hop and rock artists covering Bob Marley & The Wailers songs. The second album A Time and Place was released in 2003, his last album Awake was released this year with the release date of 5/26/1909.

    The year marked the Julian Marley was in 2008 since that was when she appeared in Guinea bringing the roots of his music to a new and demanding, but polite audience, while later the same year found on stage with all his brothers in under the Africa Unite concert in Jamaica.

    The Julian JuJu Marley will journey to the shores of Africa and its roots through its longer roots reggae sound, which has built a wonderful way of bold street-energy hip-hop and R & B, particularly evident in his latest album . A set full of beat and strong vocals aisthantika inspired by the lives and spirituality that distinguishes Julian Marley, worthy successor of the great musical tradition anymore family Marley.

    Many thanks to Koutroubilis Antonis, Vazeos Konstantinos and Varotsis Tassos, who helped to make this big event true.

    Author : TtS

    April 16, 2011

    If you are preparing for Easter in Santorini, we have good news. Last Monday was the opening of a new restaurant called "Assyrtiko" at the "beach" of Fira, near the Cathedral.

    The creators are Nick Pouliasis (photo from Koukoumavlos, Fira) and Vassilis Zacharakis (Nichteri, Kamari) in a charming building of the 50s by the architect Dekavalas (who also designed historic hotel Atlantis). From high in the balcony, the view has a unique charm. Chef, Alexander Tsiotinis, who has charmed us last year in the cuisine of "The Garden". The restaurant focuses on contemporary Greek cuisine and will have different menus each day and evening, a collaborative project of Zacharakis - Pouliasis - Tsiotini.

    So, to give you an idea, nibble: moussaka souffle with carpaccio of lamb and roast tomato jam with honeydew revithada hand vacuum lamb and warm goat cheese foam, deconstructed pastitsada with cannelloni stuffed with baked tomatoes and braised chicken with tzatziki and innovative wet squid dumplings and ice cream cucumber. As for sweets, here is an idea that I have already tried: icy Makedonikoy halva mousse sauce with carrot and ginger, and "dust" from hazelnut, sesame and cocoa.

    Author : TtS

    Dancing through the centuries in Crete
    July 4, 2011

    Immediately after the end of the Megaro Gyzi Festival 2011, on Friday 26 August, Crete “travels” to Santorini for the presentation-view in Megaro Gyzi the film-documentary Dancing through the centuries in Crete. The film is a production of the Center for Research and Cretan Dance Teaching of the Group of the instructors-researchers Yannis and Yorgos Megalakakis, and aims to substantially enhance and promote the art of Cretan dance around the world. The premiere of the film was held with great success at the Eugenides Foundation (Planetarium) in Athens on 19 February 2011.

    Before the view of the film, a talk on the art of the Cretan dance will be given by the researcher and dance teacher Yannis Megalakakis.

    The admission for the lecture and the film is free to the public.

    Author : TtS

    Santorini´s scarecrows
    July 4, 2011

    The painting exhibition of Rena Kourpa, entitled “Santorini´s scarecrows”, will be launched at the Cultural Center Megaro Gyzi on Saturday 9th July. With her brush pointing to the nature of the island and especially at the scarecrows used by local farmers in the fields for frightening each flight "intruder", the artist presents her work (oils) of the recent years, expressing artistically this corruptible human creation of the popular imagination, the scarecrow.

    Author : TtS

    Fotodiodos 2001-2011
    July 4, 2011

    The solo painting exhibition of Alexandros M. Valvis, titled “Fotodiodos 2001-2011”, will be launched at the Cultural Center Megaro Gyzi on Sunday 28th August.

    Fotodiodos is the bridge to meet again with art as the code, which creates the truth as an image and the reflected image becomes reality.

    The artist returns to the island of his origin after a 18-year stay in Germany and presents for the first time in Santorini his work of the last ten years. He is going to exhibit paintings with mixed technique (acrylics, natural materials, resin on wood), but also some drawings (chalk & charcoal on paper Ingres).

    The exhibition is organized and curated by Yannis Papaconstantinou, Artistic Director of Megaro Gyzi.

    Opening of exhibition: Sunday 28th August 2011, 21:00

    Duration of exhibition: 28 August - 24 September 2011

    Author : TtS

    Modern Jazz Piano Trio NUKeLEUS
    July 30, 2011

    Following a year pause the piano trio NUKeLEUS begins its appearances in Santorini. Sami Amiri, Periklis Trivolis and Yannis Stauropoulos will be performing pieces from their eagerly awaited album Greek Jazz, offering their audience a voyage without precedent to the frontiers of modern jazz.

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    Henryka Tronek and Nasos Grozas
    July 28, 2011

    Internationally renowned violinist Henryka Tronek and Nasos Grozas on piano will be presenting a musical journey from the baroque period to the twentieth century with works by: P.Vitali, L.W.Beethiven, A.Dvorak, S.Prokofiev and K.Szymanovsky.


    1st PART

    TOMASO VITALI Ciaccona for violin and piano LUDVIG VAN BEETHOVEN Romance for violin and piano in F major
    ANTONIN DVORAK Sonatine for violin and piano op.100

    2nd PART

    SERGEJ PROKOFIEV Sonate no.1 op.80
    Andante assai
    Allegro brusco
    KAROL SZYMANOWSKI Nocturne and tarantella, op.28

    Author : TtS

    Homer's Iliad Omicron Rhapsody in Santorini
    March 21, 2012

    The Municipal Athletic Cultural Environmental Organization of Santorini (D.A.P.O.S.) under the auspices of the Thira Municipality and in collaboration with the Bellonia Foundation, on the occasion of World Theatre Day, invite the people of Santorini in Theater Reading-Performance: Homer's Iliad, 'Omikron' Rapsody' where, with free entrance they will have the opportunity to have contact with the work of the first poet Homer, performed by the great actress Dimitra Hatoupi and the great 'percussion' Nikos Touliatos.

    Omikron Rhapsody was first performed in the winter at the National Theatre at the presentation of Iliads 24 rhapsodies, entitled 'Ancient heritage, new perspective'. The readings of the Iliad took place to mark the completion of the new translation of the leading scholar Dimitris Maronitis.

    This is an original approach in form of the theatrical reading with oration, rhythm, sound and improvisation where the two artists use oration, percussion instruments and everyday objects.

    The oration is rhythm, and rhythm stresses and complements the oration and revealing the amazing images that form the poetic texts of Homer and modern and direct translation by Dimitris Maronitis.

    The entire Rhapsody refers to the battles of the Trojan and Achaean ships. The Trojans, after the recovery of Hector, which many considered him dead, having received an onslaught by the Ajax Telamonio, encouraged and attack the anchored ships of the Achaeans. Abysmal battles evolve so many brave warriors from both camps to find death. The battle is indecisive and a tilted from the side of defending and one of the attackers. The description of the poet in this canto ends with Jupiter to propel the Trojans to the ships of the Achaeans to put the first fire to see her and get into the battle, Achilles. Special is the episode of the attempt of Teucer, brother of Ajax.

    Performes Dimitra Hatoupi
    Percussion instruments: Nikos Touliatos
    Director: Marianna Kalbari
    Translation: Dimitris Maronitis

    The performance to be held at the Bellonio Cultural Center in Fira Santorini Saturday, March 31 & Sunday, April 1, 2012, at 19:00.

    After each performance an open public discussion with the actors will follow.


    Author : TtS

    Greek Landscape I - Ventouris photography

    "Greek Landscape I "

    Ventouris photographs recount the magic and the feel of the greek nature, as well as the continuous dialog man develops with it. He travels through towns and state lines, trying to show to the spectators everything that moves him and everything he loves.

    The general configuration of the shots, the detailed descriptiveness, the different targeting points, show his photographic skills.

    With his lyric compositions, he conveys to the spectator the inner beauty of the landscape as well as the symbolic meaning that the human figure gains.

    Ira Papapostolou
    Art Historian
    member of aica hellas


    Giorgos Ventouris was born in Athens, and he studied photography in European School of Photography He has been working as a freelance photographer -photojournalist since 1998 and he is working with publishing companies and the touristic industry all over Greece.

    This is his 3rd solo exhibition and it is a fragment of a project about Greek Landscape, and has participated in a number of important exhibitions in Europe and Greece. His work is in the collection of Museum of photography in Thessaloniki, in the Musset / Photokunst of Odence in Denmark and in private collections..

    Author : TtS